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Fintrade Zone launched its ICO (FTZ). Don’t miss it

Fintrade Zone launched its hot token FTZ. Don’t miss it

Fintrade Zone launched its ICO (FTZ). Don’t miss it

Fintrade Zone is a trending project that attracted much attention this year. Some even claim that it is 2023’s most promising cryptocurrency project. The company is building a platform based on blockchain technology that will offer innovative services. The team stated that it would offer three unique use cases that are new to the Defi space. These are FinCard, CITP, and Blockto-V. The first one is EMV certified Smart Card compliance manufacturing unit that relies on blockchain technology. The second one is a crypto investment and trading platform the community owns. The company will ensure the community members get their share of the profits. The last one, Blockto-V, is Cyber Security Antivirus. It is also blockchain-based and comes with a multi-malware detection engine.

The company also boasts a hot native utility token – FTZ. The Fintrade Zone team launched its ICO sale on April 2, 2023. It will end on June 11, 2023. The total supply of the FTZ tokens is 2000000000. The platform accepts USDT, DAI, BUSD, and USDC in exchange for FTZ.

The team believes that its innovative products – EMV Certified Blockchain, Community Owned Institutional Crypto Investment and Trading Platform, and blockchain-based Cyber Security Antivirus Software will prove useful for millions of users worldwide. It will offer various incentives initially to attract users and show them how this project can bring them profit. Moreover, the team will ensure that Fintrade Zone will continue development in the coming years. It aims to offer even more innovations in the future.

How does the platform work? 

The founder team built Fintrade Zone as a business ecosystem. Thus, it will enable customers to operate several blockchain-based businesses from one platform. In addition, the company will connect community members through its ecosystem. The team is currently working to develop some unique featured blockchains. Users from all around the world will be able to access the Fintrade Zone platform.

The company believes that blockchain offers the ultimate solution for various projects, including the antivirus software industry, smart cards, and so on. It enables developers and creators to solve security issues and make their platforms faster. Thanks to blockchain, customers can achieve more success than it’s possible in traditional markets.

Furthermore, the Fintrade Zone team pointed out that crypto investment and trading is a rapidly growing sector that attracts more and more customers daily. Besides, the crypto industry has huge potential, and many users believe that in the future, it will become the leading financial market. While that may or may not happen, the fact is that crypto startups offer the opportunity to achieve success faster than most traditional ones.

Fintrade Zone aims to enable its clients to profit from crypto trading and investment. The platform will offer its own mechanism and advanced tools and features to increase its customers’ chances. The team will also ensure that its platform is secure and risk-free. That’s not an easy feat, considering the number of crypto scammers and hackers trying to take advantage of non-suspecting users. However, the Fintrade Zone team will take strict measures and incorporate a high-level security system to protect its users’ funds.

What are Fintrade Zone’s values? 

The company believes in the transparency, sustainability, and scalability of Blockchain Technology. It will encourage these traits, ensuring that its platform checks all these boxes. The crypto trading industry is still very young. Moreover, blockchain-based real-life use case products are at the early stage of development, and they have enormous potential.

Fintrade Zone plans to become one of the leading companies in the crypto market. It won’t have seed sales or private sales. The company only offers public initial coin offering sale, releasing its tokens in a transparent vesting process.

According to the team, the demand for its native token is very sustainable. That’s because FTZ comes with a unique mechanism of use. Some ICO tokens lose their value very fast, but Fintrade Zone’s coin won’t be one of them. On the contrary, the team believes its price will increase over time.

The FTZ token holders can participate in the project’s governance. They will have a chance to vote and decide the platform’s future. Moreover, investors will get various benefits by holding the FTZ coins.

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