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WiFi Map is launching its ICO – WIFI. Don’t miss it

WiFi Map is launching its hot token – WIFI. Don’s miss it

WiFi Map is launching its ICO – WIFI. Don’t miss it

WiFi Map is a new exciting connectivity platform that aims to offer free WiFi to its customers. This project is community-powered, and it boasts an experienced team. The company will utilize blockchain technology to achieve its goals and bring more innovation to the world.

The team stated that access to the Internet should be considered a fundamental human right. After all, it offers so many opportunities and resources, and it’s not right that there are people who don’t have access to it due to their location or expanses. While many organizations offer free WIFI, and in some cities, you can get access in the parks or cafes, or restaurants, that’s still not enough. Thousands of people have to live their lives without all the innovations that the Internet brings. And that happens in the technology era when computers and other devices offer so many opportunities.

People can learn anything they wish – they just need to log in to their computer or use a mobile phone. They can even get an education thanks to the numerous online courses. While some of them are quite expensive, others are totally free. The Internet offers us the possibility to learn a profession without applying to college or university, which provides us the opportunity to become employed. Moreover, the Internet also offers us various possibilities for employment. There are hundreds of jobs available. You only need to use a computer to apply to them. You don’t even have to leave your house. The only thing that is needed is an appropriate device and an internet connection. So many people depend on the Internet, and with the technologies continuously evolving, it will offer even more opportunities in the future. WiFi Map wants to make sure that people will be able to enjoy the latter.

How will it work?

The company aims to build a platform that will help people get free WIFI access anywhere around the globe. The team believes that connectivity leads to equal access to education, free expression, speech, and so much more. It stated that everyone on the planet should have a free, secure, fast, and stable connection to the Internet.

The WiFi Map team members learned that almost 3.7 billion people worldwide have never once been connected to the Internet. Moreover, millions of households can’t afford to buy unlimited access plans, even in the United States and Europe. Meanwhile, travelers have to pay astronomical prices to activate roaming and get access to the Internet. And let’s not forget about millions of refugees, students, seasonal workers, and others who live on the edge of survival. They all have a right to connect to the world via the Internet and use its great opportunities.

This technology can truly change lives. It enables us to learn and develop our skills. And that’s not all. After acquiring new skills, people can use them online by working on various platforms or for online companies. However, many people lose the chance to improve their lives because they don’t have money to access the Internet.

That’s why WiFi Map provides an internet connection to every user. The company wants to support users’ efforts to move forward and achieve more in their lives.

What about the WIFI token’s ICO? 

WiFi Map launched its trending ICO token on March 30, 2023. The sale will end on March 31, 2023, though. The team has built its coin on POLYGON. The price of 1 WIFI is currently 0.025 USD. However, the price of WiFi Map might increase after the ICO ends. The company aims to raise $500,000 with the sale. The team will issue 1,000,000,000 tokens. However, only 11,4% is available for purchase at this stage. The platform accepts USDT in exchange for WIFI.

The company stated that it aims to offer its services worldwide. It wants to reach a larger audience. Thus far, more than 60% of its users are people constantly connected to the Internet. According to WiFi Map, half of the customers are also familiar with cryptocurrencies and Web3 technologies.

The community members also want to contribute to the company’s goals. The team has been building its community over the last 8 years. They are a close-knitted group that shares the same purpose. WiFi Map believes that it will achieve success in its endeavor.

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