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FASTTOKEN is trending currently. What about MNO? 

FASTTOKEN is trending currently. What about MNO? 

FASTTOKEN is trending currently. What about MNO?


Fasttoken is a new project that offers innovative solutions to achieve the highest level of decentralization and security in the Defi space. The team based it on the Ethereum blockchain to use the latter’s advantages. Even though FASTTOKEN appeared on the markets a relatively short time ago, it has already attracted investors’ attention.

This blockchain technology brand provides scalable solutions in IT and Finances. SoftConstruct, a leading IT solutions provider, is behind Fasttoken. The project’s portfolio is well-diversified. It includes a decentralized sports platform, supply management, blockchain-based feed oracles, and e-commerce solutions. Moreover, the company offers financial services.

SoftConstruct has gained a name as a high-end IT service provider. The brand boasts more than 700 partners worldwide. It has over 6000 employees and 20 branch offices operating in the EU, South America, North America, Asia, and Africa. The corporation provides a vast range of products and services, such as IT, VR, agricultural, financial, etc. It unites over 11 trademarks: SoftConstruct, Fasttoken, Spring BME, FeedConstruct, Ucraft, FastShift, Hoory, PandaMR, and so on.


What makes Fasttoken stand out among other projects?

The team based Fasttoken on the Ethereum blockchain because it provides excellent advantages, including the highest level of decentralization and security. The company is looking to grow gradually and become one of the best in the market.

SoftConstruct also has its digital currency – FTN. It will have various real-world use cases, especially considering the number of the company’s customers. The team believes FTN will contribute immensely to the platform’s organic growth.

Furthermore, the platform plans to introduce Fasttoken’s second-layer scaling technology, which may prove to be game-changing. The team has specifically developed it to offer a better end-user experience. Thus, customers can enjoy their favorite apps while getting all the benefits of blockchain technologies. One more advantage of this system is great security.

The company will gradually integrate FTN into the whole ecosystem of SoftConstruct. It will enable partners and end users to receive great benefits from the platform’s tokenized economy. People can easily settle all their business arrangements with any brand by using FTN. The SoftConstruct name will open doors for them.

The team noted that the project’s solutions would maximize efficiency and proficiency in doing business. Moreover, it will leverage all the benefits of blockchain technologies. As a result, SoftConstruct will create environments where everything is fair, transparent, and verifiable. And the Fasttoken will aid with that goal.

Besides, the company believes that the future belongs to blockchain technologies. They have opened the gates towards the unexplored territories. Blockchain offers virtually unlimited potential for creating better software that works faster, safer, and cheaper. It has numerous advantages, and the team aims to leverage every aspect of blockchain solutions. Thanks to this platform, customers will easily operate websites, shop for products or enjoy games in more advanced ways.


What makes Fasttoken stand out among other projects?


ManorLand’s Platform Is Also Popular. Why’s That?

ManorLand is a relatively new project that boasts high-ranking tokens. The team based its platform on Web3 Metaverse Blockchain. Its users can play, explore, and trade while profiting in the process. The company launched its native utility token – MNO, on December 24, 2022. The sale will end on February 25, 2023. The total supply of the tokens is 230000000, but only some percentage is available at this stage. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, BCH, LINK, TRX, UNI, XRP, ADA, CAKE, BUSDT BNB, USDC, SOL, USDT, DOGE, and XLM in exchange for its native tokens.

This blockchain-based ecosystem aims to bridge the gap between the physical and METAphysical worlds. To achieve that goal, the company started developing ManorSkill. The latter is a community that focuses on the virtual world. MNO token will power its decentralized economy.

According to the team, the ManorSkill community members can purchase MNO digital assets. They can also create various experiences and monetize them. The users will also have an opportunity to acquire plots of land. As a result, they will become LandSkills and monetize their assets. Later they can exchange or trade those assets and gain money.

ManorLand is a fascinating virtual world. It will encompass twelve floating islands composed in the shape of a hexagon. These islands will serve as a residential areas. The team will use the “4 Seasons” theme. Community members will also get access to various entertainment and social activities.


What Does The ManorSkill Lands Offer?

The team stated that ManorSkill Lands would be a tropical paradise. They will become a gateway to entertainment and leisure facilities, including hotels, amusement parks, aqua parks, clubs, and casinos. In addition, the island will provide a wide range of summer activities in a fabulous resort-like environment.

Each part of the island will represent various seasons. For example, the winter destination will be a snow-covered island surrounded by mountain slopes covered with fir trees, white hills, chalets, and igloo buildings. It will offer numerous winter activities, including snowboarding, skiing, sledding, ice skating, and many more.

There will also be a desert safari. This biome of orange sand will provide a perfect getaway in nature and adventure experiences like dune bashing, quad biking, and hot air balloon rides. Moreover, Sportland will host major sports championships and events.

Meanwhile, Down-Town – the central island located in the heart of the ManorSkill – will serve as a hub for retail, business, and other entertainment facilities. It will include several districts: Cultural District featuring NFT Art Gallery, theater, etc.; Central Business District featuring a high concentration of offices, banks, companies’ headquarters, financial institutions, and so on; Leisure and Entertainment District featuring music hall, parks, cinema, club; Sports District featuring the sports complex, and the Arena; Shopping District featuring the Shopping Mall, coffee shops, freestanding boutiques, and restaurants.

That’s not all, though. ManorSkill will have its own Marketplace. Smart contracts will manage this decentralized platform. Users can trade all digital assets within the ManorSkill in this Marketplace. However, they will have to use the MNO tokens for all transactions.

The company also offers MNO Wallet. The latter is a multi-chain decentralized crypto wallet that has various staking options. MNO Wallet will allow customers to store, receive, send, and swap different cryptos.


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